FAQ ︎

What does ‘queer’ mean?

afr supports practitioners that identify as but not limited to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*/Trans Non-Binary, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual. This is sometimes referred to as the umbrella term ‘queer’. afr is a trans-inclusive platform supporting non-binary, agender, gender fluid, intersex, and two-spirit practitioners.

What is a ‘person of colour’?

afr prioritises working with individuals and groups that have been historically racialised as ‘ethnic minorities,’ now sometimes referred to a ‘people of colour.’ This includes but not limited to Black, Asian, Dual-Heritage, and folks indigenous to the Global South. Collectively, these groups make up around 80% of the world’s population. 

I’m not a person of colour but identify as queer. Can I still submit my film?

Anyone can submit their film to afr. Precedence, however, is given to projects with a credited director, screenwriter or producer who identifies as queer and a person of colour.

How do I submit my film to afr?

If you would like to submit a film to afr as part of our public programme, click the ‘submit a film‘ link in the navigation bar of the website and fill out the form provided.

What are the requirements for submission?

All submitted films must be less than 90 minutes in length and have a credited director, producer or screenwriter that identifies as queer and as a person of colour. Submissions with credited practitioners that identify as either queer OR a person of colour will still be considered.

How long will it take to receive feedback?

Successful applicants will be contacted for a potential screening date. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot give feedback to all applicants.