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‘Too Rough’ Wins Best British Short at BIFA2022

Following its win for Best Short and Animation at the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2022, Too Rough wins Best British Short at the British Independent Film Awards 2022.

Written and directed by Sean Lìonadh, Too Rough follows Nick (Ruaridh Mollica) and his boyfriend Charlie (Joshua Griffin) after a night of intoxication. In the morning, a hungover and panicked Nick tries to hide his sleeping partner from his own homophobic and dysfunctional family.

In conversation with Directors Notes, Lìonadh revealed the inspiration behind the film. “I had to sneak out a boyfriend once,” he notes. “Looking back it was quite comical because we were running up and down the stairs like some Charlie Chaplin film, but actually at the time, it was very stressful. ”

Adding, “it really created an animosity between us because suddenly my boyfriend was kind of like an enemy, someone who was bringing me a great deal of distress. So I was really interested in what that does to a relationship and to tell a story about Nick, who is caught in these constraints the whole film and is under an immense amount of pressure, and how that actually ends up cracking him open and brings out a lot of vulnerability that he has been refusing.”

Too Rough has had a successful festival run this year with 21 wins across international competitions. Notable prizes include Best Live Action at the Berlin Interfilm Festival, Best Scottish Short Film at the Edinburgh Short Film Festival, and Queer Shorts Winner at Sicilia Queer Filmfest.

Too Rough is available to watch via MUBI. Check out the trailer below.

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