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‘Hundefreund’ wins First Prize at interfilm 2022

Following its March 2022 premiere at the British Film Institute’s Flare Festival – Europe’s biggest LGBTQ+ film festival — Gerrman short Hundefreund (Dogfriend) wins First Prize in the German competition category at Berlin’s Interfilm Festival.

Written by its lead Lamin Leroy Gibba and directed by Maissa Lihedheb, Hundefreund tells the story of a date-turned-nightmare; a spiraling conversation on racism and politics that strikes a nerve in Germany’s supposed post-racial society.

Afro-German Malik (Lamin Leroy Gibba) meets Phillip (Til Schindler), a white German, for a date in Malik’s apartment. In the heat of their union, it becomes obvious to them that their thoughts on race, history, and politics do not align. As such, tension, fury, and drama ensue.

In their statement, the Interfilm jury panel noted: “Movies have the power to affect human beings emotionally and convey hidden aspects of life to the surface. This sensitive film manages to surprise the audience again and again with its thoughtful imagery, acting, and interesting story decisions. It is a well thought out movie with an own and important voice.”

Prior to its win at Interfilm, Hundefreund was nominated for the Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis and screened at various international festivals including Tribeca, Cannes, and Xposed.

Check out the BFI Flare trailer for Hundefreund below.

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